Icelandic girl wins right to be called by own name

tumblr_ltg4kp8x8n1qgpnw1o1_500You wouldn’t think that the country that gave us the Eyjafjallajökull volcano was all that fussy about names, but apparently it is.

A fifteen-year-old Icelandic girl has won the right to be called by her given name, ‘Blær’, despite the fact that it doesn’t conform to Iceland’s strict naming standards.

This is clearly good news for Blær, who was previously officially referred to as simply ‘Girl’; and also for the rest of us – it presents an excellent opportunity to bring out those old chestnuts about silly names. Good wholesome fun…

The Guardian

Icelandic girl wins right to be called gentle breeze

Court rules Blær, which means ‘gentle breeze’, can be legally used as 15-year-old’s name despite opposition from authorities

Associated Press, the Guardian



31 January 2013 3:31pm

Nearly as funny as New Zealand, where they also like to be a bit fussy about how kids are named. From 2008:

“A nine-year-old girl whose parents named her Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii was put into court guardianship in New Zealand so that her name could be changed.


In his written ruling, [the judge] said names such as Stallion, Yeah Detroit, Fish and Chips, Twisty Poi, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit were prohibited by registration officials. Others that were permitted included twins called Benson and Hedges, other children called Midnight Chardonnay, Number 16 Bus Shelter and, the judge added, “tragically, Violence”. Another mother tried to use text language for her child’s name, he said.


Can you imagine how high you’d have to be to seriously consider calling a child ‘Sex Fruit’?


31 January 2013 1:04pm

In Italy, a court ruled against a child being named “Friday”; similarly, a court ruled against a girl being named “Andrea”, which, in Italian, is a male name. I think people should be able to name their children as they should without the intervention of the state.

yours faithfully,

Burst Condom



31 January 2013 3:43pm

[…] Coincidentally, I read this article just after reading this one which involves the unfortunately named “Desire Cox”



31 January 2013 3:33pm

[…] I know a girl called Stevenetta after her father. Much better than Steve because it’s proper feminine and everything.

Oh dear.


31 January 2013 4:00pm

I lived on a Caribbean island for a few years, and on that island many children were given first names after the father but varied to suit the gender.

They had an obitury spot on the radio each morning (did I mention it was an exciting place to live?) and used to tell you who had died, and then list out the children etc left behind.

I remember on occasion when a Kenneth had died and he left a son Kenneth, and daughters Kennesta, Kenelda, Kenetta……



31 January 2013 1:17pm

[…] There are lots of funny names (from English-American origin) in Spain, e.g. Kevin Costner de Jesús.

Sounds like a post-modern super hero.


31 January 2013 2:16pm

My neice has “Danger” as one of her official middle names. It’s on her passport and everything. What a prat my brother is. Hope they introduce retrospective legislation here, if only so that we can enjoy throwing rotten fruit at parents who inflict crap names on their progeny.


Wow, that’s cool. I’m pleased someone actually had the stones to do it.


31 January 2013 4:46pm

This topic really seems to appeal to the intellectual side of the Guardian’s readership …

Pfft. Killjoy. Perhaps this is more your cerebral speed.

Exposed Ladies Seek Revenge on ‘Revenge Porn’ Site

paris-nightvision-sfw‘Revenge porn’ is the practice of disgruntled and bereft ex-boyfriends uploading intimate pictures of their recent rejecters on niche websites for the titillation of hairy-palmed basement-dwellers and the overly-curious. Or so I’m told.*

A group of women who have been victims of this practice have decided to launch a class-action law suit against one of these websites.

The debate here is relatively straightforward – don’t write anything down that you wouldn’t want your mother to read; don’t text pictures to your boyfriend of yourself squatting over a cucumber if you can’t accept the fact that, one way or another, it will eventually end up on the internet. It will. On the other hand, the site in question,, posted pictures of some of these heart-breaking Texan belles along with their full names and zip codes. That’s obviously not cool and clearly shouldn’t be allowed.

Anyway, in true internet fashion, both sides pushed their arguments to the limits of sanity; while the sweaty-backed middlemen were content just to sit back and enjoy the view…

* I only use these sites because I don’t understand how to back up my photos to iCloud.

New York Daily News

Revenge porn? Women sue website charging X-rated pics of them were uploaded on site and rated without their knowledge

More than two dozen women have joined a class-action lawsuit against saying intimate photos of them were uploaded by slimy ex-beaus.

Carol Kuruvilla / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

SpiderHeMan13 hours ago

What are these girls crying about? There is nothing on this website that they are not flaunting in the street every day to the same amount of traffic. You wanna get sued? Try getting these girls to actually WEAR some clothes for a change.

Uh oh, the ‘asking for it’ argument rears its head…

Spewitup, 21 hours ago

Look at these chicks, all painted up and pretty for the camera. What sort of girls send nude pictures to guys after only a few months? This sort…(I’d be surprised if they haven’t put pictures up on the net themselves) oh, but I guess that’s not the point is it.

Sort of like girls who wear their boobs out and complain about old men looking. You’re an idiot if you trust a guy who “coaxes” you into sending photos, perhaps you didn’t need much coaxing.

And there it is again. Sounds stupid at the best of times, but in this context, it’s totally idiotic.

Rush Lemming, 5 hours ago

 And we hear from the caveman contingency. Dope.

This summer, from the producers of the Bourne Supremacy… The Caveman Contingency. Dope.

bk1121122 hours ago

 So you send an intimate pic to a significant other and it’s fair game for the world? That’s weak. The ladies had bad judgment in picking jerks for the role.

But the gentlemen had good judgement in jerking pics! Zing! AHAHAHAHA!

Coffeetweaker, 22 hours ago

 This web-site is nothing more than a modern scarlet letter, attempting to control women by shaming them for their bodies. I will ever give naked pics to anyone ever again.


The misogyny here is palpable. The commenters here certainly don’t know these women personally but appear to be projecting their cuckolded rage onto them. In my opinion this situation should be included under “hate crime” legislation if it isn’t already, as it involves an aggressor hatefully trying to humiliate someone based on their biological gender. Additionally, it may incite violence against the victims. If someone is considered a “slut,” then they are no longer a “nice girl” and lose “male-protection.” Predators are then socially free to do whatever they want to them, as they obviously “asked for it.” Dead prostitute jokes have a grain of truth to them (nobody cares). The aggressors are essentially stripping these women of their humanity and indirectly endangering them. Our society disgusts me.

Hey, have you heard the one about the dead prostitute? No… neither have I.

Jerk Face, 1 day ago you say? Damn being on my work computer…This is great publicity for that site, and I’ll be sure to check it out later….silly girls

Unfortunate username…

TheChris, 2 days ago

Maybe it’s just nit-picking – but – pictures are not porn….and they’re not x-rated unless there’s somebody else in the picture…..

You can see a cat in the background of one of them – does that count?

Not a member yet, 2 days ago

 32years old…Your more dumb then the girls.


Noo Yoka, 2 days ago

 Each of the victims needs to visit a copyright lawyer and copyright there images. They can charge 1 million each for each “authorized view” then send their ex’s an invoice for the viewings. Once the bill collectors get involved, the boyfriends will commit suicide.

Idiotic on multiple levels.

MarcDonato, 2 days ago

 See? That’s why you have to make sure that you have an Ace in the hole, as they say….my wife’ll NEVER put anything of me up on the web because I have a few of HER tucked away in a secret safety deposit box! Gotta cover your bases!

That’s… that’s something.

The Guardian

‘Revenge porn’ is about degrading women sexually and professionally

What does it say about society that websites where angry men shame their ex-lovers are thriving?

– Jill Filipovic, The Guardian

OlympicSquashNow, 29 January 2013 4:49pm

it sounds like an interesting idea in some cases – revenge comes in many forms after all, often best served cold. Women also have very nasty ways of exacting revenge

I feel this person may have interests beyond squash.

GreenLake, 28 January 2013 10:59pm

I don’t know if Brett Favre or Anthony Weiner sending images of their genetalia counts as “sexting” or sexual harassment, but it certainly turned out to be a problem for them.

Anthony… what?

pimpmasterkdogg, 28 January 2013 10:57pm


Don’t give your kids a name that is easy to Google, and if someone you know in real life is harassing you over the internet, get the police involved.

That’s a good point – I’ll name my first-born Justin Bieber.

djjdd, 28 January 2013 11:03pm

periods (menstruation for non-UK persons), painful and lethal childbirth, the minute we garner the energy and coldness to do it to them, it will cease to exist…


JustJusty, 29 January 2013 12:28am

 Why we are not protecting children? why we don’t care that first ‘sexy’ images 10& 11 year old girls see are hard core porn? this is overwhelming how easy is free access to pornography! Is it really what we want for the children?

Interesting that someone’s mind instantly leaps from ex-girlfriend revenge porn to images of 10- and 11-year-olds.

ConorSean, 29 January 2013 12:53am

Not exactly scientific but I found this after at the top of the list after one google search:

It comes with the instructions:

Is your ex-bloke LAZY, USELESS or just a complete BASTARD?
Of course you want TO GET EVEN and get one up on him.
Register with us by CLICKING HERE.
Upload his photo or video in any format, tell us his name, just add a few words to SLAG him off and we’ll get him seen acrooss the whole internet YES YES YES
So don’t delay, get your own back, and give us girls something to laugh at!


tankerton, 29 January 2013 4:29pm

Porn is out of control in the UK. Why are all those channels available on Freeview, when so many children have TVs and mobile phones?

It was a much healthier situation in the 70s and 80s, where you were rightly made to feel a bit guilty and dirty if you wanted porn.

Much healthier.

bobbymac1956, 29 January 2013 4:36pm

The rise of internet porn has gone hand in hand with the demise of home shopping catalogues and Elastoplast coloured foundation garments modelled by peoples aunties .Ah simpler times.

Simpler times, good times.

Fawlty Towers BBC Race Row

manuelThe BBC found itself in yet another ‘damned if they do, damned if they don’t’ situation this week when they chose to retrospectively censor an episode of Fawlty Towers. The scene in question involved ‘the Major’ using the N-word. It’s well written and quite funny – in context.

On the other hand, perhaps we should accept the fact that it’s not acceptable to use the N-word pre-watershed.

To be fair to the swivel-eyed knee-jerkers commenting at the Daily Mail, the paper cunningly buried the text of the article in a sea of youtube videos of John Cleese doing his Hitler impression; so, some misunderstanding overreaction is to be expected.

The Mail

Don’t mention the ***: Censorship row as BBC cuts the Major’s ‘racist’ lines from classic Fawlty Towers episode

Laura Cox, The Mail
First up, clever acronym watch:

BBC . Brussels Broadcasting Company .

bill, Lowestoft, 23/1/2013 15:56

And we have to even pay to be brain washed! The British Brainwashing Company it to dangerous now it has to be folded up for the sake of freedom and Democracy!

john, whatswasafineplacetolive, United Kingdom, 23/1/2013 12:11

Big Brother Corporation is watching you!

Anti-Anti, Huntingdon, 23/1/2013 7:44

Isn’t that on Channel Five now?

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Company strikes again and undermines one of the greatest shows it ever produced. What next changing the name of The One Show in case numbers 2 to 10 get upset?

Brian, Broken Britain, 23/1/2013 9:43

There must be someone in the BBC whole went through the programme before transmission to make sure “they” would not be offended. How very Patronising and Condescending. The true meaning of PC.

Mike, London, 23/1/2013 9:04

So we can no longer laugh at something that was made 38 years ago! All of this politically correct and anti-discrimination is gone way too far, it’s an absolute joke. Other countries must laugh at us thanks to the Bye Bye Civilisation (BBC) censoring anything that one person might find offensive. I thought they stopped censoring theatres in 1968, surely TV and radio wouldn’t be fixed soon after?

DisaterX, Bedford, 23/1/2013 0:27
And the rest of it:

The Beeb is like a Greek guy who has suddenly found pink toilet paper in his toilet.

Davewhoever, Gloucester, 23/1/2013 0:38

Admittedly, I don’t know too many Greek guys, but I have absolutely no idea what this means.

…I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

pragmatica, Manchester, UK, 23/1/2013 1:27

A line from an episode of Fawlty Towers got cut… Goodbye cruel world!

Ahh , the days when we could just enjoy a good comedy , i’ll bet even the Germans laugh at this one .

Derek, London, 23/1/2013 1:53


Ridiculous to airbrush a comedy show. Just listen to the lyrics of most rap – hip hop music today!!!

Viv, London, 23/1/2013 5:22

I think you’re missing a crucial nuance…

Soe people are racist……………Get over it.

Peter Pan, Neverland, 23/1/2013 6:42

Pfft, yeah – racism, get over it.

Ridiculous. Next Shakespeare will be edited. What’s wrong with people.

me, here, 23/1/2013 6:44

Next?! This is such a common phenomenon that it has its own verb.

A few years ago in Preston I was selling some small blackboards for children. Allt he white people came to me asking how much are the chalkboards. All and I mean all my Asian customers asked me how much were my blackboards.

PaulDavis, York UK, 23/1/2013 9:07

Haha… what?

Perhaps Josef Goebbels is alive and well as DG of the BBC!

Citizen Smith, Billericay, 23/1/2013 9:18

The person responsible for cutting a line from Fawlty Towers is comparable to the architect of the Holocaust.

The BBC is the biggest fascist organisation in this country. If you dont follow their ‘PC’ agenda your ridiculded.

Ridiculdous!- swanseajosh86, Swansea, Algeria, 23/1/2013 9:57

The BBC did the same edit nonsense with an episode of “Some Mothers Do Ave Em” Frank Spencer in the 3rd series during the moving house scene where Frank falls out of the back of removal van and into a vat of boiling tar by the side of the road, where a Indian man offers to help Frank out of the tar, Frank replies “White man thanks Indian brother” then the Indian man offers Frank a cup of tea, all this was oddly edited out on DVD versions as Franks comments & conversation in the scene were all polite, and friendly so why was it edited ??

birdland, Watford, United Kingdom, 23/1/2013 10:03

I guess you had to see it.

Britain HAS REALLY gone down the drain! Now just WHY, WHY, WHY should we change OUR way of life just to please a minority group. Our fathers who perished FOR NOTHING in 2 world wars would turn in their graves!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. “britain”

True British Patriot, London, United Kingdom, 23/1/2013 10:14

Uhhh… it’s a line from a 38-year-old sitcom.

Dont know if you have noticed but eastenders don’t even swear anymore. so unrealistic

Zoe, Hull, United Kingdom, 23/1/2013 10:24


Reminds me of the defacing of the Greek and Roman statues! Pitiful bigotry! In the same spirit erase everything about slavery from history books???

Mario Kassianides, London, 23/1/2013 10:48

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Royal Academy – I present to you – Michaelangelo’s ‘The Germans’!

They did the same with FRIENDS before it was handed over to Comedy Central the people at E4 cut out all the gags n censored everythin to the point that nothing made sense

mrs.b, lancs, 23/1/2013 11:37

Oh, so that’s why it’s not funny.

I phoned the BBC to complain and was told by the chap who took the call not to use language like that !!!!!!! you really couldnt make .

Michael the un pc, sittingbourne, 23/1/2013 11:41

Haha, what a conversation that must’ve been.

Q: What is the difference between the BBC censoring historic screenplay and Hitler burning history books? A: No difference, they’re both examples of depraved minds seeking to impose their minds on society, just because they can. We fought a war to stop that kind of behaviour and of all the likely suspects, who’d have thought the BBC – Voice of freedom and truth – would be the ones to step up and assume the mantle of a dictator wanting to change history!

Gwyn, Newport, United Kingdom, 23/1/2013 12:31

Uhhh… A: BBC is Hitler?

I have met quite a few German people over the last few years – a sure ice-breaker is “Don’t mention the War – I did it once but I think I got away with it”. Never fails to get a laugh.

Frank, Wirral, 23/1/2013 14:02


How can it be racist when Germans and British people are both white?

Mary, Montreal, 23/1/2013 15:33

Germans are slightly whiter.

Will please the readers of the Guardian

Psd, Hants, 23/1/2013 7:04

Will it? Let’s find out:

Fawlty Towers isn’t racist. Major Gowen is.

To make a show of the fact that you know what the Major’s surname is is as bad as being a  terrble racist.


23 January 2013 4:49pm

Our country sucks now, you can’t say anything without making someone cry. And since we have the internet, they let everyone know that they’re crying about it.

Lame. They’ve even made the internet a rubbish place to be.

Beautiful. Perfect

HappyValley, 23 January 2013 5:12pm

In Spain they made him [Manuel] into an Italian

If that’s true, that’s hilarious.

loftytom, 23 January 2013 5:51pm

Erm, Manuel was a Catalan
“I come from Barcelona”


Piss off.

23 January 2013 5:01pm

Even when I was at stiff-upper-lip public school, we were very nearly (and not quite) allowed to use the word “nigger” in a sentence as long as it was part of a quote. That was mid-70s!

How can you very nearly use a word?

FiniteMonkey, 23 January 2013 5:42pm

Possibly, although it didn’t stop the Beeb from wonderfully showing the full opening titles to last week’s teatime episode, complete with Flowery Twats sign (which I still honestly find the funniest thing from all 12 brilliant episodes) to what seems like absolutely no complaints whatsover 🙂

Hehe, yeah.

Over at the Telegraph

Why can’t we laugh at the old jokes any more?

A ‘racist’ joke in Fawlty Towers has been cut because it might offend. Well, it might – if you didn’t get the joke


6 minutes ago

It’s supposed to be a comedy , e.g. funny. I suggest those “offended”  should grow a thick skin. We have always laughed at ourselves in this country , it is part of being British. If I had a pound for every time I’ve been called “sweaty sock” I’d be rich.I don’t need some corrosive but influential jumped up, multi-kulty  broadcaster telling me what is acceptable or not.


‘Sweaty sock’?

42 minutes ago

 I’ve got a jumper that says ‘Bring back (picture of a Golliwog)’

I haven’t dared wear it yet.

Bet this will be censored – sorry, moderated.

Wow. Christmas must be wild round yours.


5 hours ago

Arrant nonsense.  Amongst continentals,

The Nordics come first.
Then the Portuguese…never fought ’em
Then Gerry…sneaking regard for their efficiency and self-control

Afraid Johnnie Frog comes v near the bottom.

That’s it Tim – racist Top Trumps. The future beckons…


New Zealand’s Gareth Morgan and his hatred of cats

Cute cats to go!You know when you see those pictures of cats in your Facebook news feed? You know the ones. The ones where the cat is sleeping next to a log fire or posing in an adorable human-like way, like Tiger thinks he’s a real person. And you go ‘Ahhhhhh’. You big softy, you.

Well not cat-hater Gareth Morgan. New Zealander Morgan has set up a website displaying teeny weeny kittens with devil horns, and encouraging his countrymen to make their current pussy their last. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was a sensitive subject on the nation’s forums.

New Zealand cat lovers pounce on eradication campaign

The Guardian (via AP)


Stolly 22 January 2013 11:04am

Cats are bastards, everyone knows that!

muscleguy 22 January 2013 12:17pm

@1789wasAgoodYear – More than plans, NZ is the world expert country on the eradication of rats from defined areas.

[Continues discussing the eradication of rats until…]

Way back at the end of ’87 between graduating BSc (hons) and getting confirmation of my PhD place and funding I considered applying for a job developing an oral contraceptive for possums. I understand they are still working on it and will likely continue until they succeed.

a) Good for you. I’m glad you shared your academic career.
b) Wow. Oral contraceptions for possums. Just wow.

ThomasLion 22 January 2013

My garden is treated as a hunting ground, bedroom, recreation area and latrine on a daily basis by at least three neighbourhood cats.
I like having wild birds in my garden – however, these have virtually disappeared over the past few years as the number of cats has increased. I do not like having cat shit in my vegetable patch – yet that’s what I get with disgusting regularity.
If anyone allowed their dog to roam free in other people’s gardens, defaecating and killing wildlife, they would rightly be condemned. It seems cats are only thought of differently because cat owners are more selfish and thoughtless than dog owners.
People argue that to roam and hunt is “in cats’ nature”. But cats have been selectively bred, so they are not “natural” at all. They are, in practice, man-made – created by the will or negligence of people – and yet they kill millions of wild animals each year.
Often, they kill in a way which causes immense suffering to their victim. Not only is allowing cats to roam and hunt environmentally unsound, and deeply antisocial to your neighbours, it is profoundly cruel. Most cat owners call themselves animal lovers, and consequently would not themselves torture a bird, mouse or frog to death. To let your cat out, knowing that it will do just that, is as morally repugnant as doing it yourself.
The solution is easy: confine your cat. If you cannot or will not do that, then at least train your cat not to hunt (try a water pistol each time it brings home a “gift” – the suffering caused by punishing your cat is insignificant compared to the suffering the cat causes to wildlife). If you believe you cannot or will not do that either you are not responsible enough to keep a cat.

Everything was leading up to the water pistol. Later in the chain, a user suggests using a weak orange squash mix.

More from the ironically named Thomaslion:

@Martin Richards –
Really your arguments are very inconsistent. If you’re concerned about animals shitting outside then I’d hate to know what you think of birds.
Pay attention. I am not concerned about shit in general. I am concerned about cat shit in my garden.
This is because it’s a much bigger and more obvious problem than any other kind of shit, it’s my garden (my lawn, my herbs and vegetables), and it’s easily preventable, by cat owners simply taking a bit of civilised responsibility for the creatures they choose to keep.

You think those cats are bad? I was talking to a friend who was housesitting for a couple of days.

He’s there, discussing what needs doing with the homeowners, when the house cat walks in.

‘What’s the cat’s name?’ My friend asks.
‘TC’ comes the reply.
‘As in Top Cat?’
‘No, as in Total C*nt.’
‘Oh, why?’ My friend, slightly taken aback.
‘Because he’s a total c*nt’

True story.

TheRoach 22 January 2013

Would you let your dog roam around, breeding indiscriminately and killing wildlife? I suggest not.
sounds like the upper classes… can we just neuter them and not replace them when they die instead?

The moral relativism of a Guardian poster.

fotorabia23 22 January 2013

@greensox – One cat killed a whole species of native wren in the Sth cat..and every time you see a massacred bird or lizard..thats a forensic murder scene…thats all the science I need…here in Australia we have cat free zones…why oh why would we have that….

Fotoabia23, are you pitching the next series of CSI?

geoeeee 22 January 2013 2:51pm

@ALY81 – Why should they have to get a cover for their sandpit? Isnt it reasonable to expect that uncovered sandpits in people’s back gardens shouldnt be covered in shit by a creature that lives next door whose sole purpose in life is to pander to the sentimentality of its owner?
Owning a cat or a dog in a city is just about the most antisocial thing anyone can do.

I can think of more antisocial things. Say a cat owner re-enacting their cat’s less desirable activities and leaving ‘presents’ in their neighbour’s yard.

5432Hun – 22 January 2013

Cats are great.

Environmentalists are annoying.

No contest.

Chivanova 22 January 2013 11:22am

Ignorant people are more annoying that environmentalists.

No contest.


@Chivanova –

Environmentalists should be made to wear bells round their necks so we can hear them coming and avoid them.


‘Cats should be banished from New Zealand’ says campaigner who fears for future of native birds

– Unnamed Daily Mail Reporter

– Liz, London, United Kingdom, 22/1/2013 17:52

Totally agree, cats in this country are reckoned to kill up to 4million birds a year as well as other wild animals Cat owners should at least be forced to fit a bell round the neck of these killing machines, so they can be heard prowling around and to give birds a chance of escape.

– Jim, Carlisle, 22/1/2013 17:28

Yeah and I wonder how many birds humanity is responsible for killing each year – a lot more I bet. As for cats being ‘killing machines’ – there is no bigger killing machine than the one that you see in the mirror every day.

Is Liz the terminator, Jim?

– Lisa R, NY, United States, 22/1/2013 18:10

No, as most responsible cat owners know and as the RSPCA / ASPCA / Humane society recommends, cats should be kept indoors or supervised outdoors on leash or in an outdoor enclosed pen. Period. Problem solved. It’s all of the leftist cat activism people who assume cats should run free outdoors, regardless of the many hazards they face (and havoc they wrought).

Responsible, cat, leash and enclosed pen, all used in the same sentence.

Also, leftist cat activism?

GQ Publishes List of Sexiest Women in the World; Daily Mail Manufactures Race Row

Big - but a shape?

Big is a shape. A good shape.

For reasons best known to themselves, the Daily Mail editorship decided to publish a piece discussing the intricacies of GQ magazine’s newly-pressed ‘World’s Sexiest Women’ poll. The issue is not so much the inherent problems of conceiving such a list in the first place, but the fact that they included sub-categories such as  ‘Sexiest Indian’, ‘Sexiest Italian’, and ‘Sexiest Pregnant Sri Lankan’.

Professor Ruth C. White – who must be a hit at parties – was wheeled out to say: ‘… By calling out certain women’s ethnicity and not others, what they’re implying is that these women are not beautiful simply because they’re beautiful; they’re only attractive within the context of their own ethnicity.’ You don’t get this on the football blogs.

But what did the Mail commentariat make of this fake outrage over a nothing news story? Let’s find out…

GQ in race row over Sexiest Women List which includes ‘Hottest Indian Chick’, ‘Hottest Chinese Chick’ and ‘Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan’

MATT BLAKE, the Mail

If you’re a Sri Lankan, you’re a Sri Lankan. If you’re white, you’re white. It’s not racism it’s facts.

Me, Reading, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 15:54

I’m thinking of painting my living room. I can’t decide whether to do it white, off-white, or Sri Lankan. Do you see the problem now?

What about me??? Surely I should have been named in the hottest English, mum of 2, under 30… in the sub text of having a dog with a bad haircut and a cat who’s scared of fish!!! Where’s my mention????

ellajane, Wilmslow, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 15:50

I think there’s a reason why this category isn’t included – and a reason why newsagents around the country aren’t crowded with men scrambling for the top shelf to get their hands on the latest edition of ‘Self-consciously Kooky Pet-Loving Mums Under 30!!!???!!’. Phwoar!!?!!

So it’s ok to have The Union of Black Police Officers and clubs and gyms only for women…but not this? I can’t understand that at all…

Unistudent, Manchester, 21/1/2013 15:43

That’s why you’re at ‘uni’ in Manchester.

Beyonce is like a Duck! her butt is shapeless, just big..

abchopeskeepmegoing, Wales, 21/1/2013 15:14

In the context of bottoms, big is a shape.

Like the MOBO awards, they have to include these categories to make sure that non-whites win some prizes too.

Aelfred Wantage UKIP, Oxon, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 15:12

Username. I bet he spends his weekends in armour, recreating things.

If your beautiful which all of these women are then there just beautiful does it matter where there from.

Mrs Mac, London, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 14:50

They should include this sentence as a question in the Eleven Plus exam – ‘Correct the mistakes (5 Points)’. If you can’t, to the workhouse with you.

What people don’t want to ‘know’ is that 45+ man does not care about race.

hormar, Wembley, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 14:50

Nobody wants to know that. That’s why all your colleagues change the subject when you mention you spent your last holiday in Thailand.

section for Hottest Red Head…………. might even buy the magazine, just goes to show that we are all different………

Martin-S-, Nr. Leicetser, 21/1/2013 13:20

If I were a red-headed female, I’d steer clear of Nr. Leicetser.

We’re all pink inside !

Angus, Bristol, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 13:19

This sounds creepy at the best of times, but in this context…. No.

Bit like Black music awards or gay man uk isn’t it?

fumbler, Leeds, England, 21/1/2013 13:18


Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan Chick – that’s so specific that only MIA could win really LOL.

Sarah, London, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 13:16

AHAHA, I hadn’t realised! Thanks for pointing that out – what wags these GQers are.

The Gift was released in 2000 so was not released in the 21st century.

The Manxman, Douglas, Isle Of Man, 21/1/2013 13:15

To know that, to care enough to point out that – based on a spurious technicality –  somebody has made a mistake, and then to have the energy left to hammer out a comment about it – commendable.

 Notice how these so-called ‘critics’ are allowed to be anonymous. Obviously not people whose judgment has stood any test. Probably petty-priests of the race industry, looking for new business.

Bob the Welder, London, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 12:50

Bob the Welder – welding accountability to GQ sub-editors and petty-priests everywhere.

According to this paper Beyonce is black. Obama is the first black president so therefore Beyonce is black.

Mack, London, 21/1/2013 12:36


We could have an English rose competition!

Odette, Acountryfullofimmigrants, 21/1/2013 12:15

We could, but it’d be hosted by Stephen Fry and sponsored by Twinings. And Kiera Knightley would win every year. Is it worth the bother?

Another left-wing storm in a D-cup……

Gerry Smith, London, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 12:02

Nice. I’m going to steal that.

Sorry the term racist is constantly misused, its only racist when its used in a derogatory way not when celebration the beauty of different races. If anything it could classed as a tacky but not racist.

JohnnyBananas, UK, 21/1/2013 11:39


Look forward to seeing the contribution for fittest repressed afgani tribes woman.

Chris, Braintree, United Kingdom, 21/1/2013 11:33

Here you go Chris:

AS-RefID: C1142314300 E34000916

Super Nerd Bill Gates to ‘do God’s Work’

bill_gatesIn an interview with the Telegraph, Bill Gates has announced his long-awaited levelling up from Nerd Overlord to omnipotent God. Sort of. Having already donated a whopping $28 billion to charities around the world, Gates is now turning his attention to ‘God’s work’ of eradicating polio in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, where, in the words of Telegraph writer Neil Tweedie, ‘killing [polio] off altogether has been likened to squeezing jelly to death’.

This is surely good news, and is surely, whatever one’s personal feelings about Gates may be, another stunning act of philanthropy. However, under this shiny pebble of a story lurks a grim compost of software-related resentment, racism, and eugenics that the nation’s mouth-breathing commentariat was only too happy to voice in its usual unhinged way. Some of this is actually genuinely disturbing…

Bill Gates interview: I have no use for money. This is God’s work

Having already given away $28bn, Bill Gates intends to eradicate polio, with the same drive he brought to Microsoft .

Neil Tweedie, the Daily Telegraph

jiggery_pokery, 30 minutes ago

As long as he doesn’t hang around Tesco with a coin bucket, making me feel like a cnt because I only have my switch card, then good luck to him.

tony_opmoc, 23 minutes ago

Take some change with you next time. My lad used to do that so he could have a cheap trip to Ecuador with the school. After 6 weeks in the jungle, the kids got to some remote school in the middle of nowhere which they were supposed to be rebuilding  / repairing. The kids had a vote on it and told the lazy locals to do it themselves. If everyone had been tight, they wouldn’t have got there and back.

Every element of that post is just hilarious.

islandflyer, 35 minutes ago

Dear Mr. Gates,

Please stop shouting about your guilty conscience and maybe, maybe, find the time to work on creating a better product than “windows” which is a shabby immitation performing much worse than the Mac operating system.

Just a suggestion.

Thank you.

Yes Mr Gates – you can deal with this trivial little vaccination vanity project of yours only once you’ve improved my “windows”.

dailymailftw, Today 06:43 AM

Im going to leave my £5.5m to animal rights and children charities to wind up the man loving telegraph readers. HAHAHA

He who laughs last…

veteran09, Today 06:35 AM

Dear Neil Tweedie,

Thank you for this interesting article.

It is encouraging to see that great good is being done today all around the world.

We British have heard the saying “Do unto others that we wish others would do to us” or words to that effect.


Jesus of Nazareth has taught a similar doctrine, which underpins British Society today.

Bill Gates gives of his abundance, and a widow woman may give of her “mite”.

[bible stuff]

Luke 6 : 38.

[more bible stuff]

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda prove to Us Brits the words of Scripture are true  !!!

Thanks be to GOD for The Gold Standard King James Version Holy Bible.

This year, 2013, is The Diamond Jubilee of Christ/GOD dwelling incarnate in Our British Sovereign/Monarch


This year is all set to be a Wonderful Year.

This Bill Gates article is showing the world GOOD THINGS are awaiting mankind, EVEN THIS YEAR  !!!





Nurse! The pills!

CynicalOldMe, Today 06:27 AM

‘Every child, he will say, has the right to a healthy and productive life’

Very commendable, but one could argue computers and the internet have the opposite effect.

Getting fat because you are addicted to Facebook is as bad as polio.

asx1, Today 06:19 AM

Gates is a successful & relatively decent man I wouldn’t argue compared to certain competition.
He has made allot of money & with it is attempting to do good in his view. I personally think population should be reduced (not exactly a Capitalist model but true if suffering is to be reduced).
Only an idiot would whine about this.
Some people are envious & insecure, they even pick holes in that while in other posts whine that there is not enough emphasis on business. The bloke can’t win in the eyes of these fools can he? but fortunate for Gates, he doesn’t have to waste his time listening to their hypocritical bleating..

Sounds reasonable… hang on, what was that – ‘I personally think population should be reduced’ Oh.  And so it begins…

flatdog77, Today 05:45 AM

And all those young Islamists that Saint Bill saves will be in the next immigration tsunami to hit Britain in 20 years time.

Gates, you’re an @$$hole.


cortez, Today 06:00 AM

Apparently god needs some children to suffer, and has to kill some of them early because he needs them for something.  Not sure what.

God is the biggest abortionist of all, with miscarriages outnumbering terminations by hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, to one.  But those one’s aren’t allowed into the kingdom of heaven.  Or are they?  I can’t remember what the old German with the mad eyes decided…..

Wow. Someone should start making t-shirts with ‘God is the biggest abortionist of all’ printed on them. Goldmine. Offensive to everyone.

mannymantel, Today 04:34 AM

Just a thought but if he saves 12m children a year from death, that means there’s another 12 million adults for the planet to sustain.

It’s really hard to argue against his philosophy but maybe there’s a reason why polio is on the earth.

It’s a bit like forest fires clearing out the old stuff and making way for the new

One day we’ll be able to cure everything, then we’ll just starve to death

Wow. This person has a picture of a kitten as their avatar. Just a thought: one day, Mr/Ms mannymantel is going to have a cough that just won’t go away, or find a lump somewhere there shouldn’t be a lump. I can only hope – as he or she is sick with worry, pacing around a waiting room, finally called into a consultant’s office, is broken the news that it’s terminal – he or she will take comfort in the oncologist’s words, ‘Sorry, there’s not much we can do. Philosophically, we thought it might be a good idea to try and find a treatment; but, practically, it would just mean more mouths to feed. Don’t think of it as death – think of it as a forest fire clearing out the old stuff and making way for the new. Chin up.’ This is the worst kind of arsehole: an unthinking arsehole.

New_Con, Yesterday 07:57 PM

This is God’s work, so which God’s that then Bill? Watch your next few words very carefully cos if it ain’t next mans God then you can kiss this whole enterprise goodbye. The defunct mechanism with which to tackle this disease which causes as many as it cures is not going to help the cause.

[blah blah blah]

The US used a vaccination programme to kill bin Laden yet this gets no mention in this article. Bill is part of a social and societal engineering of the third world. This is being used to, as was bin Laden’s untimely death as a means to an end, so why prim it up as a wholly social enterprise?

Wow. This is all bizarre, but I think the phrase ‘bin Laden’s untimely death’ takes the shit biscuit.

sodit, Yesterday 06:48 PM

If one wanted to sterilise a population one would use a radio frequency source to fry the males gonads, and they’d never even realise it’d happened. 10W would do the trick nicely.

[someone questions whether 10W is a frequency]

No, the frequency is not particularly important. Any RF will do the job. “10W” refers to the power of the source. A microwatt will not be sufficient, and 100mW won’t be effective if there is a wall with an attenuation of, say 23dB, in the way.

Also one should use a directional antenna else you might get someone other than your target, and the spreading will affect the delivery of effective illumination.

How… how do you know this?! Why would you even think about it?!

inessence, Yesterday 07:10 PM

He might be ultra successful, but he looks every one of his 57 years.

Ahhh, superficial criticism. Back to normal.

Oprah Winfrey vs Lance Armstrong: Is Armstrong a terrorist spy? Probably not.

INational hero or the sum of all fears?t used to be you knew who your heroes were. There were no grey areas. There was no ‘organised and systematic doping ring’.

No. They were clean-living, drug-free, cheat-free role models: George Best, George W. Bush and the 1919 Chicago White Sox’s ball team.

All of them. Heroes.

And now what? Our heroes are no worse than Bin Laden himself.

Take Lance Armstrong. Holed up in a cave deep in the Austin foothills, pursued relentlessly by a mono-focussed female persecutor played by Claire Danes, Jessica Chastain, Oprah Winfrey. And finally, to be brought before the American people to … to … to … well to evasively answer a series of questions.

No, it’s not the plot of Homeland season 3 or the sequel to Zero Dark Thirty, it’s a clear and present danger that the forums must answer. The call was for heroism, but did the forums accept the charges?

Lance Armstrong admits doping in Oprah Winfrey interview

– Rory Carroll, The Guardian

ukexpat1000 18 January 2013 1:05 PM

@CaptCrash – I tought my kids that when somebody is exposed as a liar, the only question remains is the extent of their lying. Therefore is anybody is exposed as a liar you should not believe ANYTHING they say.

My kids learnt that the hard way. For the next month after being caught with some minor lie I made them prove anything they said or I would not believe it. For example if they claimed to be doing well at school I told them to get a signed statement from the teachers to that effect. They quickly got the message.

So, Lance, I don’t believe a word you said until you come up with evidence to support it that would pass in a court of law.

Someone call Social Services!

rickylicious 18 January 2013 6:03 AM

I’d like to point out that I was second post on this thread – and I did it drug free! Thank you.

Yuk yuk yuk

TekNoZen 18 January 2013 10:16 AM

[Following a lengthy defence of Armstrong]

To mix my clichés, pedal a mile in Lance’s clip-ons, before you go throwing any rocks. Even with only one, he still has more stones than any of you stinking lot of pious pontificators.

thicko3000 18 January 2013 10:46 AM

@TekNoZen – i wonder if you would suck my eggs?

Yes, but only if you teach me.

greghaddock 18 January 2013 10:30 AM

@James Dismus – Well, the trouble with blogging (or more accurately, posting on forums), is that we end up making assumption based on very short comments. […]


As for being suspicious of moral outrage, oh yes, I’m with you on that. I’m a bit of a Jungian at heart, so I know a lot about the gratification of shadow projection.  […]

Gratification of what now?

‘I don’t care that Lance doped… He gave people hope’: Controversial Jack Osbourne defends disgraced cyclist Armstrong


Ann Paterson , Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 18/1/2013 15:55

Your talking garbage Jack!!!

Jack, you are garbage. Literally. Living, breathing and for-the-love-of-god talking garbage.

Kathy , Gourock, 18/1/2013 15:47

He cheated, all those who came second should be awarded his medal how any one can defend him puzzles me, cheating his way through all those races for all those years an utter disgrace,

Watertight argument, only those who came first were on drugs.

kikilee, johannesburg, 18/1/2013 10:09

Bernie madoff also gave people hope…

As did Obama … oh, wait … different blog.

itchychris, Sydney, 18/1/2013 10:01

Jack needs to pay more attention to his grammar than to Lance Armstrong. I love how Twitter shows the world what a moron someone is.

A moron says ‘is’.

Lance Armstrong’s body language: an expert analysis

The Telegraph

Dan Hazell

Go burn in Texas. It’s taken a while for someone to overtake Abu Hamza at the top of my list….

Perspective, Dan. Perspective.


Notice the hand cleaning products and pure liquid in the glasses in the background, as well as the closed box next to him, versus the open bowl next to Oprah. Presumably these were not selected randomly. The message is, “I can’t tell you everything, there are still some secrets, but I am really as pure as the water in this glass, and my hands are clean.”

I’m not even a self-appointed psychology expert and I spotted all that – imagine what I could do with a degree!

Globalise, your powers of deduction are wasted here when there are so many crimes going unsolved.

Guts_An_Glory Today 09:58 AM

He’s got the eyes of a politician.

And the eye of Sauron?

Lance Armstrong Admits to Cheating in Frustrating Oprah Interview

Jordan Sargen, Gawker


Excellent symbology work by the set designer. Oprah is open and welcoming, like a bowl, while Lance is a box closed tight, full of secrets and drugs!

And what is the hand lotion behind Armstrong meant to symbolise? That Armstrong is one who spanks the monkey, often.