About Comment is Freed

Breaking the shackles off user-generated content, Comment is Freed scours the forums of leading news outlets to bring you the best — and the ugliest — comments out there. Think of us as a troll’s troll.

One Comment on “About Comment is Freed”

  1. Rasta says:

    Dear non-gender-specific comment is freed author. After many years of egalitarian engagement with dailymailonline,a pursuit that has provided me with equal hours of joy and fury and I’m sure their readers with lashings and lashings of edifying education, my account has been ‘permanently de-activated’.
    Weirdly, this deactivation doesn’t actually close the account.
    Given that bucket-loads of my comments were never posted (presumably after heated journalistic wrangling in Fleet Street editorial meetings- debating the balance of free speech and libel law due to philosophical questions that my differing opinion on issues like immigration/ war/ Women must have raised) I’m kinda unsure as what could have been libellous or offensive enough to warrant such an action. Particularly given that some of the stuff they did publish was pretty inflammatory- Why now? What was it? Where did I go wrong? I got green arrows, I mean I got red ones too,but I got green arrowed loads!
    I feel like someone who has been dumped by a shitty partner, and all their friends are saying ‘thank god’/’ you wasted too much time on them’/’they were never good enough for you/understood you/ appreciated you’/’ I never got what you saw in them anyway’….
    I’m just trying to find out why and get closure.
    But DM won’t answer my emails – its an unstaffed mailbox, an automated reply, and its not just them its all Associated Press websites I’m banned from, and they might tell my ISP provider…. . and I’m just really worried that, late one night, after a few gins, I’ll set up an alternative user name and start trolling again, and then I’ll wake up the next morning with the filth at my door and have to ‘restore previous session’ in front of a bobby, and there it’ll be….. new user ‘dailymailared!(&wads’ has been trolling immigration surge stories.
    If you can shed any light on this matter I’d be really appreciative.
    I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. My comments don’t seem attractive anymore. I know that they were no good for me, but in order to move on, perhaps to the Sun or the Star or maybe somewhere overseas like the National Enquirer, I need to know where I went wrong. My username on the dailymail website is Rasta…. oh…. hang on….

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