Dear God, I quit. Yours, The Pope.

imagesYou may have seen that Pope Benedict, AKA God’s Rottweiler, has resigned.

I’m going to let the comments do most of the talking on this one.

Pope Benedict in shock resignation: Pontiff, 85, is first in 600 years to stand down because he ‘no longer has the strength to carry on’


The following two posts crystallise the split in opinion:

georgieleeds, Leeds, 11/2/2013 15:21

PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT !!!! The comments I just read are really disturbing and show complete lack of respect towards millions of persons that deeply believe and love the catholic religion. Fine that you are not Catholic but at least show respect as a human being.


……Like the respect the Catholic Church as shown the thousands of abuse victims that have suffered at their hands over the years? RESPECT IS EARNED!!!

There was also some thinly-veiled racism:


The first black Pope? Are they going to have affirmative action too?

It’s not every day one looks to fanatics’ corner for some light relief…

P e r c i v a l, Kingdom of God

It is widely believed that the last pope of the Catholic Church will succeed Pope Benedict XVI. St. Malachy Irish Bishop and Seer, produced an accurate list of future popes which began with Pope Celestine II in the year 1143. His list consists of a single line which gives a clue to the characteristics of each pope. From this list of 112 popes there is to be just one more after Pope Benedict XVI. His predictions regarding the popes have been for the most part pretty accurate regarding the identifying characteristics that each line reveals.

Richie, port talbot

Popes never resign. I believe he’s making way for the false prophet.

I wonder if the lizard people found writing down their prophecies hard? You know, what with having claws for hands.

sebastienwolf, paris

Let’s pray for a truly Catholic pope. One who condemns the heresies of protestantism, talmudic judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism and all the rest.

Back to the hatred.

janegreg, bristol

Whatever your religious views, it beggars belief that this story – the first resignation of a pope in 600 years is beneath stories such as Frankie Sandford’s ‘I can’t cope’ and research into dogs.

Some insight on The Mail’s editorial policy there.

ChrisBaker, Alton

This just in…… “Peter Odemwingie has been spotted in the Vatican car park.”

Haha. I understand that Cardinal Harry Redknapp is out back in the Pope Mobile doling out bungs.

sean evans

why retire from being the pope when your getting ever closer to god ………..only joking, yea he’s past it, time to step down old man

Hiding behind user names when making shitty comments is one of the true joys of the internet. Sadly, no one seems to have told Sean.


Don’t tell me that the Vatican is responsible for the horsemeat fiasco!

That statement has as much weight behind it as a Findus lasagne’s marketing claim.

Benedict, the placeholder pope who leaves a battered, weakened church

By Andrew Brown, The Guardian

Like The Mail, opinions were divided on The Guardian…


fuck me, i’m not religious but some of the comments on here show that there is either ‘light touch’ moderation or they’ve fucked off home altogether…


@Stiffkey –
The level of sheer hatred, much of it informed by nothing more than barely concealed anti catholic bigotry, is rather horrible.
The catholic church is rather horrible. They deserve the hatred.

Are you calling yourself a bigot? (Also, check the Futurama references.)


Ah, the placeholder Pope. I remember his first address to the multitudes in St Peters Square: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur……”

And his first words were ‘Hello World’.


@StevHep – Perhaps, but lately the church has been too busy bombing people in Iraq[…]

I must have missed that in Zero Dark Thirty.

Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns

By Hada Messia and Michael Pearson, CNN

Poltergist  utilitybelt

By the time we are 60. Our kids will be euthanizing us to save cash.

dack maddy  gorillasinthemist 

I used to care about the elderly. Then I realized that they are the ones who caused this mess we see today.

God, which one of the ‘Ns’ in CNN stands for nihilism?

Pope resigns: The pope who was not afraid to say sorry

By Peter Stanford, The Telegraph


Did he say sorry for helping to spread Aids and for protecting child abusers?

Got this reply…


[…] Protecting child abusers? You clearly know nothing of which you speak. PILLOCK!! It was Ratzinger who got John Paul II to give the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith to investigate child abuse cases – which had previously been investigated by individual bishops.

Easy lads…

Couple of longer and totally off-topic posts from the L Ron Hubbard stash. Be warned: these comments are like opening up The Simpson’s comic-book guy’s cranium and feasting on the mind juice inside.

Zsolt Hermann

This issue is way bigger than the Catholic Church.
What we are witnessing is the meltdown of our present civilization. […]

Our responsibility is to understand and accept the evolutionary changes in the global, interconnected human society and already start preparing for the next stage where the whole of humanity is perfectly adapted to the state of a single, interconnected, living human organism within the closed and finite natural system.

With the proper preparation the temporary, intermediate phase can be mitigated and shortened, instead of going through a prolonged, unpredictable an violent period.


The insights Mr. Hermann provides us with are very profound, and very serious. Normally, I would not wish to risk damaging such a serious reality in people’s eyes by taking analogy from fiction. But here I will, with Mr. Hermann’s indulgence, take from what I consider the best of classical science fiction.

I recall the basic theme of Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi classic, the Foundation Trilogy. [The trilogy is a half-century old, but there was a movie version, planned at least a couple of years back I believe, so I presume people have at least heard of it.]

From Hari Seldon’s mathematical science of psychohistory, it was clear that of its own, the dynamics of collapse of the old Empire would lead to a chaotic dark age of untold misery lasting many thousands of years. But there was a way, in a nonpolitical parallel outside of government, to organically develop the mechanisms for establishing a totally new, better civilization which would evolve right into the cracks in the decaying old one. By the plan, the task could be completed within only a thousand years, with a minimum of chaos and suffering.

In a sense (and hopefully in a far reduced scale of time — hopefully within a generation), perhaps this is what we could have here in miniature on our real-world Earth. True, there is no Hari Seldon to develop a psychohistoric plan plan for us. But we have the tendency towards integration in Nature, whose principle seems to have caught up with Humanity once reaching its global boundaries and forced to grow inward in interconnection.

If we but study the pattern and proactively follow it through the development of education and societal values of mutual concern, responsibility and guarantee. If we redefine the
expression of our individuality as complementing as opposed to competing, collaborative rather than cut-throat. If we but will it — it will be!