Reeva Steenkamp laid to rest, Oscar Pistorius loses early wickets


Is it more offensive to show a woman looking hot while baking or looking hot while wearing a bikini?

Look, I’m sorry – I can’t stop reading about this. There doesn’t seem to be anything else happening anyway. It’s a lot more interesting than what Ed Milliband is doing – whatever it is that he does.

Oscar Pistorius’ bail hearing began today. If this whole thing were a test match, you could say he probably had a good day today; won the afternoon and evening session after losing four wickets before lunch. But there’s a long way to go to save the match, let alone rescue the series.

Meanwhile, his ‘Baba’ was being laid to rest. That got the limited, respectful coverage it deserved. God bless her.

Anyway, here’s some guff:

Apropos of nothing, but I have never seen a square toilet seat before.

Nigel, Sydney, 19/2/2013 23:18

That is truly a wonder.

Thank God for trial by jury. Let justice be served in court and not through the media.

peaxhy, London, 19/2/2013 23:16

Errm, I think you may be disappointed. Apparently, they haven’t used juries in SA since the mid-90s – it was just getting too difficult to find 12 people who weren’t racist. True story.

Surely it won’t be that difficult for forensics to determine whether she was using the toilet or hiding in there.

Louise, WIrral, 19/2/2013 23:07

I wouldn’t have thought that would take an expert of any kind.

Not sure who I am most disgusted at currently. The Mail for printing these pictures or me for gawking at them???

atwbaker, Exeter, 19/2/2013 22:55


So upset xxx RIP Reeva xx

lexi, London, 19/2/2013 20:57

Oh, stop it.

I am very very confused.

groundhog, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 19/2/2013 20:56


So horrific, a corner bath.

Wakeup, London, 19/2/2013 19:02

Amusing and yet still a massive prick.

How are these photos chilling? It’s just a normal bathroom

Sierra, Surrey, 19/2/2013 18:45

Congratulations – you pass the psychopath test!

The heights of the shots would be different if the legs were on or off. If she was using the bathroom and not hiding in there, then there should be evidence in the toliet

Janesmithhk, Chrustchurch, 19/2/2013 18:42
This guy gets it – answer that question and the whole situation will be much clearer.

Reeva Steenkamp

I’d hit it… but never with a cricket bat.